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  Six-year-old child successfully treated for Acute Liver Failure at Cethar Hospitals, Trichy. 4th Nov 12  
A six-year-old from a village at Thogamalai in Karur district, diagnosed with acute fulminant liver failure, a condition characterized by sudden and severe liver damage and requiring liver transplant in a majority of cases, was treated in a city hospital successfully without a transplant.
Mohanapriya was diagnosed with liver failure resulting in damage to kidney and brain, by Paediatrician T.RAMESH at Cethar Hospitals, Thillai Nagar. Acute liver failure is the breakdown of the function of the liver in a matter of days and warrants hospital admission.

According to G.RAJARATHINAM, liver transplant surgeon and director of the hospital, the child was affected with brain damage and disorientation due to hepatitis A virus.

Children affected with fulminant liver failure need urgent liver transplantation, failing which the mortality is high, said the release.

But a team of doctors, including Hepatologist MURALI, Nephrologist SUBRAMANIAN, and critical care consultant RASWATH treated the critically ill patient with liver intensive care support at the hospital. Hepatitis A virus spreads through contaminated food and water, and direct contact with infected person.

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