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Cethar Hospitals has an efficiently planned infrastructure comprising of 5 outpatient clinics, state of the art diagnostics, 2 Operation Theatres, 8 critical care beds with comfortable In-Patient Rooms. The Operation Theatre complex is designed as Modular with Laminar air flow as per the highest international standards and is equipped with the most modern equipments. Hospital is well supported by the best infrastructure with pneumatic tube system, centralized HVAC, Purified water system, PACS, Telemedicine, Hi-tech health IT infrastructure, Electronic medical records, Track and trace system using RFID, Mobile patient lifters and fully covered under Wi-Fi Zone.

Liver Diseases & Transplantation

 Alocholic Liver Disease
 Chronic Liver Failure
 Liver Cancer - Hepatoma
 Intra Hepatic Stones
 End Stage Liver Disease / Cirrhosis
 Portal Hypertension - Non Cirrhotic
 Jaundice - Medical / Surgical
 Budd Chiari Syndrome
 Chronic Liver Abscess
 Cystic Liver Disease
 Viral Hepatitis
 Liver Cirrhosis
  Obstetrics Services

 Planning for Pregnancy
 Painless Labour
 High-risk pregnancy care
 Cesarean birthing rooms
 Mother-infant nursing care
 Labour Rooms equipped with CPG, Resuscitation Units & Vacuum suction
Gynecological Services

 Infertility diagnosis and treatment
 Laparoscopic surgical expertise
 Endometriosis diagnosis and treatment
 Menopause diagnosis and treatment
 Uro gynecology
 Labour Rooms equipped with CPG, Resuscitation Units & Vacuum suction
 Dealing with Premenstrual Syndrome
 Hysterectomy-Lap/non descending vaginal
 Lap Ovarian cystectomy
 Lap Myomectomy
 Wertheim’s operation
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